Alison Gondosch, originally from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, graduated from the University of Arizona with a triple major in Political Science, French and Sociology. She is currently obtaining her M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University. Alison is currently interning for The Borgen Project, a national campaign aimed at working with U.S leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis in developing areas around the world.

Email: ag3808@columbia.edu

Twitter: @aligondosch




Chris Gelardi is a master’s student at the Columbia Journalism School and assistant editor for Global Citizens Press. Originally from northwest Ohio, he graduated from Villanova University in 2015, where he was also the captain of the cheerleading team. He’s interested in investigative and Arab world reporting and hopes to build a career reporting on American military intervention in the Middle East.

Email: c.gelardi@columbia.edu

Twitter: @chrisgelardi




Arijeta Lajka is a full-time M.S. student focusing on gender, politics and conflict. She received a B.A. in both English literature and political science at Wagner College. She has covered politics and culture for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) in Kosovo and written about international news for VICE News. She covered conferences at the U.N. Headquarters and wrote multiple stories concerning violence, peace and women for U.N. Women, New York.

Email: al3622@columbia.edu

Twitter: @arijetalajka




Haniya Javed is from Karachi, Pakistan, where she has reported on social injustice, minorities and NGOs. Currently, she is studying journalism at Columbia University and is interested in education and human rights.

Email: hj2453@columbia.edu






Kylee Tsuru, from Houston, graduated in public relations from the University of Georgia. She worked for a non-profit organization in Zambia and reported on the orphan and health care crisis from its capital city, Lusaka, for two years. She is passionate about children’s rights and hopes to build a career reporting on human rights. LongTale Publishing published her first children’s book, The Golden Crayon.

Email:  ket2134@columbia.edu





Louis Baudoin-Laarman is a French and Canadian reporter covering human rights for GCP. Before joining Columbia Journalism School, he studied Political Science, Middle Eastern Studies and Hispanic Studies during his undergrad at McGill University, Montreal. He was the head of the news section of his college newspaper, Le Délit, and as such covered the student mobilizations against tuition hikes in Quebec now known as the Maple Spring. He interned at The Daily Star in Lebanon for the local news desk.

Email:  lb3061@columbia.edu

Twitter: @louis_baudoinL




Maria Martinez-Romero graduated in journalism and English studies from the University of Valencia, Spain. She is a Fulbright scholar pursuing a Master of International Affairs at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She worked at Levante TV, and in the international news agency EFE. Maria is managing director of The Morningside Post, the online newspaper of SIPA. She is specializing in Economic and Political Development and would like to report on social issues.

Email:  maria.martinez@columbia.edu

Twitter: @MariaRomar




Daniel Berezowsky is a communications strategist, currently pursuing a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University. He has advised prominent decision makers in Mexico, including senators and federal representatives. Daniel’s professional experience has spanned the design of human rights policies, the lobbying of structural reforms and coordinating the speech-writing team for the Secretary of Home Office. He has also directed award-winning films and is a weekly contributor to the Huffington Post.

Email: d.berezowsky@columbia.edu

Twitter: @danberezowsky




Tenzin Sangmo is a Tibetan journalist, born and raised in India. She received a B.A. in media technologies and an M.A. in mass communication in India. She worked as a travel blogger before joining Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is interested in covering human rights issue and plans to pursue investigative reporting.

Email: ts3034@columbia.edu

Twitter: @10zinsang




Tanya Nyathi is Zimbabwean, and studied journalism and communication management in South Africa. She worked as a reporter covering social issues for a city newspaper, Pretoria News. Currently, she is a Cabot scholar and student at the Columbia Journalism School. Tanya’s concentrations at Columbia include politics, covering conflict and human rights reporting. She aims to be a conflict and human rights reporter in sub-Saharan Africa.

Email:  ttn2120@columbia.edu

Twitter: @nyathitanya




Summer Lin is a journalist from Philadelphia, PA, covering human rights issues for Global Citizens Press. Summer received a B.A. in English and women and gender studies from Boston College. Before enrolling in Columbia University’s School of Journalism, she reported about fashion, entertainment and arts and culture for Boston magazine, Real Simple magazine, TheLoDown.com and her university newspaper.

Email: srl2166@columbia.edu





Shibani Gokhale is a legal correspondent covering human rights and law for the Global Citizen Press. She is currently a graduate student at the Columbia Journalism School. Shibani is a law school graduate from India with a special focus on human rights and criminal law. During her five years in law school, she interned at various media outlets, social welfare organisations and law firms and aspires to be a human rights reporter.

Email: sg3419@columbia.edu





David Jeans is an investigative journalism fellow at the Columbia Journalism School, New York, and reporter for Global Citizens Press. In his home country, Australia, David covered domestic violence extensively and was named a White Ribbon ambassador. He has worked as a journalist across the world and his work has been published by Vice News, Daily Mail Australia and several News Corporation and Fairfax Media mastheads. In Central America, he covered migration and environmental disaster.

Email: djj2125@columbia.edu

Twitter: @davidjeans2


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